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The Plan. If you can call it that.

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Here is our first leg, mostly planned, and partially booked

Not all those who wander are lost... except for the Hall's, we have a terrible sense of direction. If you see us wandering, we're likely lost. Give us directions.

Well folks, we've got the first leg of our big adventures mostly mapped out in Southeast Asia. After this, we will post our European itinerary. We're still not completely sold on Da Nang and Taipei, so those destinations may change. Any suggestions?

Where the Hell are the Halls!?

Chiang Mai, Thailand. We'll be landing here July 4th, 2019, and staying for about a month just outside of Old Town. Our two bedroom flat looks clean and comfortable, and the neighborhood looks "Locals Only" with it's tight streets and alleyways. It's also a little outside of the hustle of the more touristy areas, so we're hoping that it proves to be more low key all the way around. We'll be able to walk to get everything we need, and there looks to be some pretty epic restaurants near by.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We fly in here the first part of August, and we're staying a month right in the thick of China Town. Our flat looks fantastic! With city views, several pools (including a city view infinity pool), a gym, and some pretty captivating areas to lounge the day away.

George Town, Malaysia. We land in George Town in around September 1st, and stay for two months. I think we're all most excited about this spot. It really looks incredible... but what do we know, right? It'll be interesting to see if it's all we imagined. We'll be staying in an impossible sea view condo on the 46th floor. The area we are staying in is northeast of George Town in a neighborhood called the Straits Quay. Close to the beach, and close enough to George Town. George Town is supposed to be the "Foodie Capitol of Southeast Asia", and we can't wait!

All the other spots we'll update as we know more.

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